Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thing #22, Overdrive

I found this pretty interesting because I know that we get a number of patrons who like audio books because they have a long commute, so they appreciate our audio books section. I also have a friend who I constantly try and recommend books to, but he can only listen to them because of his job (he fixes watches for a living, and likes to listen to books while he works.) Something that is difficult though is I enjoy series books, and for our audio books, we'll only have like #3 in the series, so its hard to recommend the series if they can't listen to the first one! Here, there seems to be all the books in a series. I wasn't able to find the Harry Potter series though, which may have to do with licensing. I was able to find, however, the George R.R. Martin series "Song of Ice and Fire." A fantastic series. Something interesting is that when searching for an author, you have to do Last name, First name, which isn't specified anywhere I could see. At first I thought they just didn't have him because of that. After a bit more searching, I found what I was looking for. They have a lot of information on the book, and even part of the book ready to listen to if you're interested. I thought this was very helpful.

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