Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thing #17, Sandbox Wiki

So, I don't think I was really into this "Thing" because of how I messed it up. The instructions were to add your blog to the list. I thought it meant make a new page, and link that page to the main list. After about five minutes of staring, caveman-like, at the computer screen and scratching my head, I figured out that I just needed to add my link to the main blog list, and that's it. So there's now a blank wiki page just called "Jen's Blog"out there on the sandbox. A fascinating page, to be sure. It's just embarrassing that it has to constantly show up on the "Recently Edited" page because I kept trying to fiddle with it and change what I had written or figure out how to copy/paste it. I don't feel so bad though, because on the main page are people who have tried to link to their page, but somehow failed, and it's just text in a sea of links.

This sandbox is interesting, but all it needs is one rash of obnoxious kids to come in and delete stuff and add all sorts of stupid, false information, and it'd be ruined. It reminds me of a forum where people just get on and post things like, "I love puppies!" or, "I love sci-fi books!"Except instead of being in one long post, it's in short little bursts of wiki pages. Not very interesting, unfortunately.

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djazzy said...

nothing like a rogue gang of teens stalking the internet and "throwing sand" everywhere :)