Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thing #21, Podcasts

I actually have an iPod at home (but now I actually use my 23 Things MP3 player more! So much easier to use than iPod and iTunes) and I subscribe to "Ask a Ninja" podcasts. I heart the Ninja!. Anyways, I went to Podcast Alley and looked up library podcasts, and subscribed to one for my Bloglines account. Pretty easy. Since I'm at work on a public computer, I can't actually *listen* to the podcast, but I know what they're like. I'm not really a big fan of podcasts, to me, they're kinda more for people who listen to MPR and get lots of non-fiction books on CD out. You know, the serious people who enjoy listening to serious things. I tried once subscribing to a Harry Potter podcast, but I am a more visual person I've found. With Ask a Ninja, he bounces around and talks about silly things, whereas for the Harry Potter podcast (Mugglecast), it was just people talking. My mind wandered after a bit. So, yay for podcasting, for the serious people.

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