Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thing #20, YouTube

Ah, YouTube. My guy friends LOVE YouTube, and are always trying to find gross or outrageous videos on it. I know if my guy friends have sent me a link to it, I shouldn't watch it, unless I really do want to watch a video about a gigantic centipede that could eat something twice its size in the most disgusting way possible (which, you know, I never do.) What I love about YouTube is that I'm able to search for commercials that people make references to, so that I can finally get the "in-joke" with my friends. The only problem is that searching for a video can be hard if the person hasn't tagged it correctly. I tried searching the other day for a video of Britney Spears' infamous VMA performance, and couldn't find the whole song, or people were making their own parodies of it, but not the whole actual performance. Finally I was able to find it on MTV's website. But here is a great video I saw one time called "The Evolution of Dance."

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