Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thing #19, Web 2.0

At first, I wasn't too into Web 2.0's site. Its a list of really great sites, woo, isn't it just like every other blog out there? However, I dutifully clicked on the third place winner for "Games" and found "Guess-The-Google," which is too much fun. You're shown a number of thumbnails of pictures, that all have a common theme. When searching a word in Google, they all came up for some reason. For example, there's a picture of some hearts, cupid, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and statues. What do they have in common? The answer is, "Love." Type in the word, and you win that round. Some are harder than others. I think the people in the top scorers list have played so much they know all the words used. I got about a 200-something. I'm pretty proud of that! I saw some of the websites featured on 23 things under some of the winning sites as well, like, and rolly-o. This kinda seems like a site of links to other good sites, which a number of other websites have, but at least you know these are "official."

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