Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week 1, Thing 2

The easiest of the 7.5 to me would be "Play." It's easy for me to play. Or rather, not work. The hardest for me I would think would be "Begin with the end in mind," since I get frustrated and daunted by The End. It's so far away! I can't get that far! Why even start if it's all that way. So, I'm going to have some trouble dealing with that one.

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Jaye Holly said...

Jen -
Instead of focusing on the "end", try creating little endings for yourself. That's the great thing about 23 Things... each Thing is a little end that allows you to celebrate your success along the way. Heck, the fun of taking a trip is the little stops you make along the way and the wonderful things you discover.
Enjoy the 23 Things journey!
Jaye :)